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This is the modular RR designed and built by Doug Baer, Chris O'Brien, and Val Pistilli.. The standards used follow the NMRA standards with modifications suggested by St. Albans Railroad modular group. We further modified the electrical portion to use #12 stranded wire to hook up to the rails since we will use Digitrax DCC exclusively. We like switching, so there is plenty of it here!

Go to our Standards Page to see how we do it.

We are seeking new members to acquire/build modules to connect with us at future shows.

Here is a list of our members. Each has at least one module and they vary from 'just started' to 'almost finished'.

Click on the names to go to their page.

Members Module Names
  Freemo Branch Modules
Art Galloway Cumberland Valley Branch PRR
Chris O'Brien Heinz Pickles - 2 modules, Susquehanna Bridge - 2 modules
Doug Baer Marion & Independence - 4, Dunmore, North Warren, Springfield, Griffith, Huntington, Orangeville, Burghill
Val Pistilli Malverna - 2 modules, Butler -1 module
Brad Hemmerle Hillside: 2 modules + bridge Strongville: 2 modules
Matt Curll Penninsula Central: 3 modules
Charles Liggett Jenkintown: 2 modules
Paul Lebiedzinski Viaduct 6 modules
David Lebiedzinski AMTRAK Autotrain Lorton VA.
Ian Dean Freemo Branch
Jamie Isett Delaware Valley Eastern, Freemo Branch
Robert Curll Abrams Yard Upper Merion 3 modules
Rob Raggi Louisville: Two six foot modules 4 Corners: Robert's Run, 3 Unnamed
Jerry Anderson No modules - Private road name "Anderson Lines"
Walter (Butch) Curll Curllsville - Two 4' modules, Freemo Branch
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